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What do you get when you place one man in front of over 100 strings and put two shaped wooden sticks in his hands? You get a ticket to a place where possibilities are endless and music can make your dreams come to life. Nate Pultorak is a Hammered Dulcimer player in the northern reaches of New York State. His music ranges from quiet, haunting melodies that have drawn people to listen ever closer, to driving, high-energy pieces that stir up excitement and anticipation for where the musical journey will take one next.

Nate was introduced to this unique instrument at an early age, where he was enthralled by the tones produced with the same techniques he used while learning how to play the drums. He quickly took up the Dulcimer and delved into its world. Now, he seeks to push the boundaries of what the Dulcimer can do by incorporating looping, tapping, plucking, and capturing multiple notes with one hammer. His abilities and innovation on this instrument have been recognized by many, as evidenced by his win at the National Hammered Dulcimer Championship in Winfield, Kansas.

In a given show from Nate, you will find a myriad of styles including his cinematic songwriting style, bluegrass and folk, pop, classical, and classic and progressive rock. Crowds enjoy the new life he breathes into old classics that still embraces the spirit of what came before. He can often be found busking wherever possible, jamming with other musicians, or even performing for an audience of nature on the top of a mountain. In his endeavors, he serves as a musical ambassador, happy to introduce people to this wonderful instrument, inviting those he sees to enter into the beautiful world of the Hammered Dulcimer.

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